It’s the ultimate good news/bad news time for her, but we’ve got nothing but good with Joanna Garcia-Swisher wallpapers 12-3-12

December 3, 2012

Sometimes bad news comes and then it is immediately followed by good news. That’s exactly what we have here today as we show off these sexy Joanna Garcia-Swisher wallpapers. Because her new show, which critics were ready to put to sleep as soon as it hit the air, was recently cancelled but she quickly turned her sudden unemployment into a positive by announcing she was pregnant. So today we can mark the bad while celebrating the good while also showing off some great wallpapers, which is something we do best around here.

Joanna is someone we’ve had our eye on for quite a while, long before her turn on Animal Practice wasn’t enough to save NBC’s attempt at a cute show about a veterinary clinic that relied on too many bad monkey jokes. She first came on our radar as the headstrong daughter on Reba and then she really bewitched us as the driven tutor to two spoiled princesses on the one season cult hit Privileged. And while she hasn’t had a big TV hit yet, she’s due for one because look at her…she is a wonderfully sexy woman with red hair and a great body. Why wouldn’t you want her to be a star?

At Celebrity Wallpaperz we always like to give the news, whether bad or good, with a smile and a sexy wallpaper or three in hand. So we understand that people might not be too happy about the news about Joanna Garcia-Swisher’s pregnancy with much of a smile on the face because they aren’t the ones who are the father of this gorgeous woman’s baby. In fact that resentment might have grown because she’s married to Yankees star slugger Nick Swisher and the simple truth is that being around a Yankee instantly makes you less attractive. But there is good news too!  Nick is a free agent and is likely signing anywhere but with the Yankees. So if that’s the case then Joanna is going to instantly get hotter again just as she’s preparing to become a MILF, so that is some mighty good timing.

And these wallpapers are sexy enough for any transgressions to be forgiven from bad sitcoms to poor choice in spouses. We’ll be hoping to see a lot more of her someday (and we mean that literally since a Joanne Garcia-Swisher nude scene is actually quite high on our bucket lists of things to see) and we can’t wait to show you more here.