Gina Torres wallpapers show why this sexy star of USA’s Suits looks so good in the boardroom and beyond 2-1-13

February 1, 2013

Is it too cheap a remark when we see a sexy lawyer to say we really want to file a motion to get into her legal briefs? Yes, it’s actually probably pretty insulting. But we’re going to say it anyway because we just can’t help ourselves and besides it’s not like we’re talking about a real lawyer who can sue all of us at Celebrity Wallpaperz for being immature jerks. No we’re talking about a sexy woman who only plays an attorney on TV and a damn good one at that and that’s why we’re so happy today to use our cheesiest lines when they’re inspired by these Gina Torres wallpapers.

On Suits, Gina Torres is one of those attorneys that is a demoness in the court room and, we imagine, even more of one between the sheets. And it’s not her legal acumen that brings her here today to be drooled over, it’s how good she looks in these wallpapers. Now she’s not the star of the smash USA hit about a cocky lawyer and his not so really a lawyer protégé, but she’s the reason we keep watching because we’ve been quite enchanted by this stunning Latina beauty, who grew up being an opera singer of all things, for a long time,

Yes indeed with her role on Firefly, Gina Torres has had quite a cult develop around her and for good reason. The beloved Joss Whedon space western will have fans long after most of the people responsible for it have shuffled off this mortal coil and Gina in particular was quite good at kicking ass and looking great while doing it, certainly a Joss Whedon staple. And in movies like the Matrix sequels and now on Suits, this foxy Latina MILF has kept things plenty hot for us and we certainly appreciate it.

That’s why the sexy star of Suits is here today at Celebrity Wallpaperz. She might object to our cheesy lines but as soon as we show the judge these wallpapers, we have a feeling the ruling is going to come our way.