Naked wallpapers of gorgeous Emmy Rossum get December off to a super hot start 12-1-11

December 1, 2011

We just about jumped over the moon when we heard that Emmy Rossum was going to be doing nudity on her new show Shameless.  We had been lusting after this lovely, seemingly angelic woman’s body for years and the idea of her getting naked was met with champagne and cupcakes here at Celebrity Wallpaperz.  And now we can celebrate again with hot, not safe for work nude scene wallpapers of her.

The first nude scene was a brief one and while we loved the brief flashes we got of Emmy Rossum’s tits and her ass, we hoped for more while at the same time expecting to be let down because it seemed logical that the nudity would be used for the first episode to draw us in and hope that quality acting and writing and not boobs and butts would keep us tuning in.  So imagine our surprise when Emmy not only got naked again and again during the show’s first season, she gave us long lingering looks at her perfect tits and her pristine, pink ass.  It was award worthy television, that’s for sure.

In fact it seemed after a while that the main selling point of the show was “SEE EMMY ROSSUM NAKED!!!” which we can certainly agree with as a reason to watch a show.  But if you don’t get naked and still want to see Emmy’s hot, naked tits then all you have to do is click on these wallpapers.  We’ve got a scorching hot wallpaper of her changing clothes with the just as sexy Amy Smart and Emmy flashing those perky, full pink tits for all to see.

Of course the truth is that Emmy looks just as good with clothes on as she does with them off.  It’s no coincidence that her name Rossum is pronounced to rhyme with “awesome” because she most certainly has an awesome body.  That body is on display in all of these wallpapers but we won’t blame you if you’re most fixated on the not safe for work shots of her tits.

Season Two of Shameless will be premiering soon and we can’t wait to see what happens next, especially if it involves a lot more Emmy Rossum nudity.  In fact if she wanted to do the whole show naked then we don’t think anyone would mind, especially anyone who regularly visits Celebrity Wallpaperz.